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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Caitlin Intends to Read. part one.

Given that I am 1. a librarian and 2. a big dork and 3. living in a new city where my second best friend is a kitten with intestinal problems (don't worry, Arlo, we're going to the vet on Tuesday to get you all sorted out) (my cat can't read, why am I writing to him), I get a lot of reading done. I keep losing my teeny lists of books I'd like to read, so I'm going to start recording them in cyberspace because that is what we Information Professionals do.

In other news, the very loud and poorly enunciated French closing announcement just came on in my library and took five years off my life.

to reeeeeeeaaaaaad...

1. Alan Moore's various things--Batman, the Maxx, etc.

2. Water for Elephants--Sarah Gruen

3. A Dirty Job--Christopher Moore

4. Black Swan Green--David Mitchell

Those last few are only because they're nominated for the Quill Awards, a consumer-choice literary award based out of the states. Their wicked-varied shortlist can be found in this cbc article... . I am a big fan of pop fiction, and I'm stoked to see such a well-rounded bunch of nominees for so many cool categories. And that last sentence is the reason why I'm going to go home tonight, heat up a can of Chef Lonelyheart's soup, and continue teaching Arlo to fetch and return paper balls ripped from the pages of old New Yorker issues. Hello spinsterhood, you're looking fetching tonight.

More reading to come.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger DrunkTara said...

Maybe you should mention the reason that you want to read A Dirty Job is THAT I TOLD YOU TO!
Ooh, I'm "Great Cait" I get my reading list from the CBC and other trendy book nerd sites. I couldn't possibly admit that I accepted a recommendation from another librarian, least of all one who works in an academic library! Fie! Fie! I'll have another drink of sack and curse your name. S'blood.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger ...j said...

As far as Christopher Moore, he's pretty hit or miss. Read Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff. In it, he explains that Jesus had just eaten, couldn't very well swim, and that's why he walked on water. Alan Moore: The Watchmen, Kingdom Come. God I miss books. In English, Chile has Danielle Steel and Lonley Planet, both of which amplify my solitude.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger cait said...

Jordan, I love you, you sly devil. Hold fast, soon I will be in Chile and we will discuss literature and eat avocadoes like they are delicious apples.

Tara, you are the trendiest book nerd I know. You're right, I admit it--TARA TOLD ME TO READ CHRISTOPHER MOORE, PEOPLE. It's ALL HER. Speaking of S'Blood, there was a car in our parking lot with the vanity plate "Zounds" the otehr day. Yup.

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Freya said...

How come Jordan knew about this blog before I did?? I think the cat just moved into the number one spot CAIT!!! way to leave me out of the loop!

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